The french biscuits La Mère Poulard are the new addition to Primar Ibérica catalogue

The origin of La Mère Poulard dates back to 1888 when Anette Poulard opened a lodging in the medieval city of Mont Saint-Michel to accommodate travelers and pilgrims. For more than 50 years he cooked and baked for visitors. Recognized for her immense talent and her more than 700 cooking recipes, Anette Poulard was awarded with the honorable title of “Mère”, mother in French, a special distinction given to women chefs for their culinary skills and their contribution to French gastronomy.

Today, the restaurant La Mère Poulard, world famous for its omelette cooked slowly over a wood fire, is an institution of French cuisine with ingenious, versatile and light recipes that combine tradition, modernity and simplicity. 

Inside the restaurant, history became a legend due to the pilgrimage of future presidents of the French Republic. Many statesmen have visited La Mère Poulard to eat "the lucky presidential omelette".  Georges Clemenceau, father of the victory of the First World War, was a great friend of La Mère Poulard, and of course a lover of the famous omelette.

For many years, prominent politicians have visited La Mère Poulard to do the honors of its omelette and achieve the presidency of the country thanks to the good luck it used to bring. Whether kings, presidents, ministers, war heroes, movie stars, writers or musicians, they have all enjoyed La Mère Poulard's recipes and expressed their enthusiastic comments in the Golden Book kept in the original establishment. 

La Mère Poulard as a company, was founded in 1975 by Eric Vannier, Chairman and 100% owner, who was Mayor of Mont Saint-Michel between 1983 and 2014 and remains Honorary Mayor today. 

Along the entire length of Mont Saint-Michel there are 7 hotels, 8 restaurants, 4 cafeterias, 8 gift shops and 3 museums. It is a tourist center visited by millions of people every year. In 1995, the biscuit factory was opened in Maen Roch, just 30 km from Mont Saint-Michel. These facilities maintain a firm commitment to baking the greatness of the original 1888 cookies with natural ingredients, all from France. La Mère Poulard biscuits are made based on secret family recipes that have been kept unchanged for over a hundred years.

We are in front of a brand that evokes memories of when we were children, with natural and simple products:

  • Sabléthe classic and iconic cookie created in 1888 with a recipe that has never changed. Delicious, delicate, crunchy and with a touch of butter.
  • Palet: a thicker cookie resembling a paste. Crunchy combined with a melt-in-your-mouth feel.
  • Grande Galette: an exquisite butter cookie with an addition of milk that gives an unmistakable softness.
  • Galettes Bretonnesthicker and larger, these cookies follow the tradition of recipes created in the Brittany region.