Cheese suppliers and distributors in Spain

As food suppliers we have a wide range of P.D.O. cheeses and other formats of international reference cheese brands. For example: cheese sticks, wheel cheese, sliced or whole cheese. We are also distributors of hard cheese, creamy cheese or cheese sticks also called mini snacks. 

To gratin lasagna, to grate on pasta, to cook sauces, to melt in caterings or to make pizzas, sandwiches or to present a cheese board at dinners or meetings such as wedding banquets, company meetings or other events. As a wholesale food supplier, our cheese catalog offers you a wide variety of possibilities for your business. 

With Primar Ibérica you have:

  • Creamy cheeses for catering: From bar cheeses for restaurants which will serve for different uses, from grating to melting. 
  • Cheeses for pubs: An example is Havarti, a creamy cheese with a mild flavor for sandwiches and selected snacks.
  • For restaurant salads: From the classic and strong blue cheese. We can offer you the whole piece or slices. We also deliver a blue creamy texture cheese for platter to the Greek feta for salads or pasta.
  • Wide assortment for pizzerias: Grated cheese with a mix of varieties. Mozzarella, maasdam or cheddar. Perfect for pizzas, calzones or gratin pasta. We have P.D.O. Grana Padano with intense flavor and creamy texture which is perfect for pasta, rice and cheese platters. 
  • Cheese Cubes of large quantities: In this case spreadable cheeses are perfect for these tasks. They stay fresh and ready for cooking.
  • Cheese wedges for delicatessen or restaurants: Hard cheese available in quarters, eighths and whole pieces. Also soft cow cheese in wheel format. 
  • Cheese for children: from low-salt mozzarella cheese sticks to mini-snacks. Simple formats and flavors for a snack or a mid-morning snack that will introduce children to the world of cheese.  

At Primar Ibérica we work as a food supplier for supermarkets, a place to buy products for food stores and a wholesale food distributor throughout Spain. 

Contact us if you want to know about our catalog.