Suppliers and distributors of candies, sweets and chocolate in Spain

As food distributors we have a careful selection of sweets and chocolates. We have from RED bars with gourmet chocolate in tablet or bar format to Try Delice chocolates with minimum cocoa. 

With Primar you have the wide assortment of the international brand Jelly Belly. From the classics and most recognizable, through the well-known Harry Potter line to Bean Boozled, Bubble Gum or Mini Bean Machines - a hit among children's sweets!

You can also enjoy some classic sweet coffee cookies. After dessert, the world of hospitality, it is a detail for customers that bars or restaurants put a small caramelized cookie to accompany the coffee.

With Primar Ibérica you have:

  • Gourmet chocolate: It can not be missing in your supermarket or store shelf. This mixture of sugar and cocoa is "food of the gods" as the Aztecs used to say. With multiple benefits, you can buy from the classic bar to the six-pack of pure chocolate that serves as a snack between meals to the exquisite bonbon box for chocolate addicts.
  • Sweets for the hospitality industry: Get cookies with a light touch of caramel. They are an institution in those bars that take care of their customers' lunches and dinners. 
  • Sweets for the little ones: The sweet flavors are the first to be remembered: candy, caramels or lollipops, who does not remember with a smile these first and caramelized smells? 

At Primar Ibérica we are sweet suppliers of top brands. Supermarkets, confectioneries, candy stores, grocery stores and restaurants have with us a wholesale food distributor throughout Spain.

Contact us if you want to know about our catalog.

Si eres particular cosigue aquí tus JELLY BELLY Jelly Belly