More than 3 decades positioning



More than 35 years of experience, allowing a broad knowledge of the Spanish market. Today Primar Ibérica has a portfolio of more than 30 nationally and internationally recognized brands.

Brands that meet the needs of the Spanish consumer and are governed by our DOES GOOD, TASTE GOOD philosophy.

Team of more than 22 specialized professionals in charge of comprehensive brand management:

  • Marketing: Position the brand in the market managing the price, product, promotion and location. Specialized team in point of sale management, product development and communication.
  • Commercial: Team with extensive experience in the Food sector with KAM dedicated to retail and others to Mayor, accessing all sectors where a food product can be sold.

Comprehensive management of refrigerated, frozen or ambient products, storage and shipping of orders from our warehouse in Girona to all of Spain, whether it be the peninsula, the Balearic Islands or the Canary Islands.

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