Suppliers and distributors of savory snacks and other salty appetizers in Spain

We commercialize a careful selection of salted snacks or appetizers as food distributors.

With Primar, you have the well-known Grissini salt sticks. The Italian brand VitaVigor has developed salt sticks with olive oil and sesame seeds with a salty touch that makes them irresistible.

We sell and distribute an alternative to conventional snacks. Products fit as a perfect complement to the traditional piece of fruit or nuts.

These appetizers are light and easy to carry and eat. They are perfect to end your hunger.

With Primar Ibérica you have:

  • Salty snacks for work-break: We distribute salty sticks and other salty options for workers to eat when they stop for a break. It serves to satisfy hunger, rest, and continue working until lunchtime. 
  • Healthy snacks. Consumers' lifestyles have improved and are more demanding. Primar focuses on meeting that need with healthy foods with quality raw materials for our customers to sell healthy snacks.
  • Snacks for children: Our selection of snacks serves as a snack or lunch for children. We commercialize salty bars and other formats with olive oil with natural and recognizable flavors. They are a perfect alternative to high-calorie bags of chips. 
  • A diet snack: We have low-calorie products used as an occasional snack to "avoid" hunger. It covers the need of people who want to lose weight and want to eat a little bit. 

At Primar Ibérica we are suppliers of leading brands. Supermarkets, food stores, and the hotel and catering trade have with us a wholesale food distributor throughout the Spanish territory. Contact us if you want to know our catalog.

Contact us if you want to know about our catalog.