Brands from more than
13 countries
from all the world

Managed by a team of specialist professionals in each area; sales, marketing and comprehensive logistics of both refrigerated and ambient products. Covering the entire national territory; Peninsula, Balearic and Canary Islands.

Importing food brands for the Spanish territory

We position and distribute food brands exclusively.

We have more than 30 years of experience supporting the hotel sector, restaurateurs and gastronomy in Spain.

Suppliers and wholesale distributors of leading brands in Spain

Thanks to our knowledge of the Spanish market we have become a food and beverage distribution company that HORECA, Retail, Vending, and Impulso works throughout the territory.

With us, you have a portfolio of widely recognized national and international brands. You have exclusive access to beverages and food for your hotel, restaurant, supermarket, and other food retail spaces. 

Our partners produce wholesale food products that are established in the market, that follow consumer trends, and that provide differentiation versus competitors. For example, quality brands that have a Denomination of Origin to prove their difference. 

We open up the Spanish market for food and beverages

When you put these food products on your shelves, menu or menu, you have a product that has advertising investment from the parent company that produces them, as well as marketing activity in the media, online communication or at points of sale. 

They are drinks and foods that have their market share and are in the consumer's daily life, such as healthy snacks or savoury snacks without sugars or healthy drinks that are an alternative to sugary drinks and non-carbonated drinks.

We bring brands that manufacture products that focus on catering to the vegan or vegetarian market and that are trend-setting.

Food that wants to be a healthy alternative to sugary and high fat products. We import wholesale ethnic foods that have made their way onto the tables of Spaniards.

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