Ameland Cheeses wholesale and distributor in Spain

This cheese brand is specialized in the Food Service / Horeca channel. It has an extensive catalog adaptable to customer needs: format, type, packaging and packaging.


Ameland cheese butter Suppliers and Distributor in Spain

As food distributors we have the recognized Dutch brand designed for the hotel and catering industry. The manufacturer of this recognized Dutch cheese with more than 100 years of experience in the production of cheese complying with all regulations (BRC Qlip, IFS Qlip, COKZ, Bodegraven, SKAL-EKO Bodegraven, Meadow milk, Halal).

We have different types and varieties, for example:

  • Ameland loaf cheese: We have Edam cheese loaf or Gouda cheese loaf. This format is perfect to serve it in different ways, for example, you can cut it in slices for sandwiches. You can also cut it into cubes for salads or cheese platters for catering or snacks. It can also be used to melt for creams or fondues.
  • Cream cheese cube: Restaurants and bars have an ideal format to spread it on slices of bread or toast for breakfast, as well as on sandwiches, snacks and canapés. It is also a very good option to put in sauces, cold or hot creams.
  • Slice Tray of Ameland cheese: We offer trays of sliced Edam cheese and also sliced red Cheddar cheese for bars, hamburger bars and cafeterias. This is a perfect format for those businesses that make a lot of burgers or sandwiches. 
  • Ameland grated cheese: It is the perfect shape for businesses such as pizzerias, taquerias or Italian restaurants. It is used in restaurant kitchens around the world. We have from grated mozzarella, to grated Emmental or orange grated Cheddar with a touch of achiote to a mix of 3 grated cheeses that can be added on top of any pasta, a good artisan pizza, grilled vegetables or creams among other recipes.
  • Goat cheese rolls: With this intensely flavored cheese we can make Greek salads or goat cheese salads with walnuts. Its slightly buttery texture fits in cheese boards or canapés for catering. Its creaminess can be used for other recipes such as croquettes, tartlets, bruschettas or spinach quiches.

If you are looking for where to buy Ameland cheeses in bars, grated or sliced within the Spanish territory, contact us. We work from supermarkets to different lines of the HORECA channel, offering cheeses for restaurants, hotels and caterings. Call us or send us your inquiry to know our catalog.