Suppliers and distributors of butter and margarine in Spain

As food distributors, we have a careful selection of kinds of butter and margarine. We have everything from Dutch butter to unsalted Italian butter and English margarine in pastille, tub, or can format.  

As food distributors, we have the renowned Dutch canned butter BREDA, Friesland Campina Butter, or Frico. A classic flavor from the Netherlands, a region known for its tradition in this dairy derivative rich in fat content.

With Primar, you also have a wide assortment of margarine. For example, you can have Clover, one of the leading English margarine brands with 75% fat content. Or Willow, vegetable margarine suitable for vegetarians in spreadable tablet format. 

You also have the traditional English brand Country Life. Quality salted butter in tablet form or a container with a plastic lid to better preserve its characteristics.

In addition, we also have the Utterly Butterly brand of which we have its Spreadable tub. A dairy product that mixes margarine-butter with salt made with milk from the United Kingdom.

Choose from different brands if you want butter from animal milk or margarine vegetable fats. In cans, pastilles, or tubs according to your needs. 

With Primar Ibérica you have:

  • Easily spreadable butter: We import and distribute brands that offer you different ways of culinary use. From spreads to butter for baking or freezing. 
  • In different containers and types of preservation: We have canned, jars and tubs to keep it well covered, protecting it from air and light to prevent it from deteriorating. In tablet format, with opaque cover and easy to open, to cut easily. We offer a variety according to your needs.  
  • Suitable for vegetarians: We distribute an assortment of salted and unsalted margarine suitable for vegetarians if you need to cook for them or want to cover this need in your market.
  • High-fat butter: Any good brand of butter will retain the maximum properties of cow's milk. We trade with a selection above 75% fat in your recipe. It will serve to offer or cook meals with quality products.
  • Butter for sweets and desserts: Unsalted butter has more water, is fresher (no salt), and is perfect if you want to have more control over the final flavor of what you are cooking. This option is good for cooking cream, cakes, butter cookies, or cookies. 
  • Cooking butter: If you need to bake, make a bechamel sauce, or other recipes, salted butter is the best option. It contains salt, which is a natural preservative. It will last longer in your refrigerator or the cool place where you keep it.
  • An alternative to cooking with olive oil: Although they can be combined, butter contains a lot of vitamin A, along with a good amount of mineral salts. If eaten raw it has a better digestibility. 

At Primar Ibérica we are suppliers of leading brands. Supermarkets, food stores, and the hotel and catering trade have with us a wholesale food distributor throughout the Spanish territory. Contact us if you want to know our catalog.

Contact us if you want to know about our catalog. 

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