Breda butter wholesale and distributor in Spain

With more than 80 years of history, Breda is remembered by many consumers for its quality and innovative approach. This Dutch brand continues to be a reference in salted and unsalted canned butter, as it is preserved for longer and maintains its organoleptic qualities better.


Wholesale Breda butter Suppliers and Distributor in Spain

As food distributors, we have the renowned Dutch butter in cans. A classic flavor from the Netherlands, a region renowned for its tradition of this high-fat dairy derivative.

In Northern European countries butter is used as an alternative to cooking with olive oil. It gives vegetables or meats a more potent flavor. It also contains a lot of vitamin A, along with a good amount of mineral salts.

Salted butter is your choice when it comes to baking on a tray or spread on a metal or ceramic pan. Because it contains salt, a natural preservative, it will last longer in your fridge.

Unsalted butter is the perfect option for making sweets or desserts and is the key if you want to have more control over the final flavor of what you are cooking. This option can be used to cook cream, cakes, butter cookies or cookies.

If you are looking for where to buy canned Breda butter in Spain, contact us. We work from supermarkets to different lines of the HORECA channel, offering cheeses for restaurants, hotels and catering. We work as cheese suppliers for supermarkets and we are a place to buy products for food stores. Call us or send us your inquiry to know our catalog.

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