Beverage and food wholesale distributor with more than 35 years of experience

We are an importer, supplier, and distributor of leading brands exclusively for the Spanish market for HORECA, Retail, Vending, and Impulsive channels.

Our catalog of local and international brands has advertising investment, provides differentiation and follows consumer trends.

Integrated management

for the food sector

Comprehensive coordination of refrigerated, frozen, ambient, and organic products (CCPAE certified).

We manage the import, storage, and shipping from our warehousing centers for the Spanish territory.


Our customers endorse us as a reference in the food and beverage distribution market in Spain.

We offer the best products for retail shelves and we open the market for manufacturers who want to introduce their brand in Spanish territory.


Primar Ibérica offers a 24h service capacity for imported products, keeping a permanent stock.

This way we offer a fast service for our partners.

Wholesalers for retail, HORECA, Vending and Impulsive channels in Spain

With Primar, our partners have a selection of wholesale food and beverages from high-quality and relevant brands in the Spanish market.

Our products have media marketing investments and are also at the point of sale through our own POS. With Primar:

  • The purchase managers of the food sector have an exclusive portfolio of brands. High-quality and well-known products in Spain that are accessible and available within 24 hours thanks to our logistics.
  • The export management of global brands has with us a network of contacts and experience to introduce their products in Spanish territory.

We have experience introducing strong and premium brands. We distribute and position everything from biscuits, butter, and spreads to snacks.

We offer to market both cheese, sweets, and candy manufacturers as well as beverages. 


Primar taks care of you

My Instant Pasta enters the e-sports sector with Rebels Gaming

My Instant Pasta enters the e-sports sector with Rebels Gaming

With the goal of continuing to consolidate its image among the young audience, starting this year Rebels Gaming has signed an alliance with the dehydrated instant pasta brand, My Instant Pasta. In this way, both brands will be able to fully approach this audience that demands fast, varied food products ready to eat, without neglecting quality and flavor. read more
The most complete Harry Potter exhibition in Barcelona

The most complete Harry Potter exhibition in Barcelona

The Harry Potter saga continues to attract masses of people, but this time not in the cinema. It is the largest and most complete exhibition ever made on the saga, an interactive and immersive exhibition called 'Harry Potter: The exhibition'. Given the success it had in cities like New York and Paris, with more than one and a half million attendees, this same exhibition was inaugurated in Barcelona a few months ago. read more
There's always a reason for a Mogyi

There's always a reason for a Mogyi

Mogyi is the ideal snack for any occasion, family gatherings, friends or unexpected guests, and not only because it is the perfect appetizer or treat, but because they are nuts rich in iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium. read more
Primar Ibérica closes 2023 with the incorporation of My Instant Pasta

Primar Ibérica closes 2023 with the incorporation of My Instant Pasta

Primar Ibérica has incorporated into its portfolio the Italian brand of pasta My Instant Pasta and risottos My Instant Risotto, prepared with 100% Italian ingredients. read more
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