The Harry Potter saga continues to attract masses of people, but this time not in the cinema. It is the largest and most complete exhibition ever made on the saga, an interactive and immersive exhibition called 'Harry Potter: The exhibition'. Given the success it had in cities like New York and Paris, with more than one and a half million attendees, this same exhibition was inaugurated in Barcelona a few months ago. 

It is located in Port Vell, where hundreds of boys and girls, and of course young people and adults, have already come to remember the most famous young magician of all time. This exhibition will be in Barcelona until next April 7 and tickets can be purchased from €19 on the official website. 

As soon as they enter the venue, attendees receive a “Snitch”-shaped bracelet to be able to interact with every detail of the exhibits. Among the activities that can be done are being able to play Quidditch, create potions, take photos with different settings from the movies and see the original costumes and accessories that were used during filming. And in addition, you can buy products and candies, inspired by the world of Harry Potter.

Of course, Primar Ibérica is present at this exhibition with the range of Harry Potter license products. In the merchandise store, you can find and buy all our chocolates and candies: from the “Butterbeer” butterbeer gummies (in bag, jug or keg format), and also, the Harry Potter magic wand. In addition, you can buy jelly beans in the shape of slugs, chocolate frogs with collectible cards, Golden Snitch shaped chocolates and the ticket for platform 9 and ¾, as well as dragees of various flavors (in bag and acrylic box format) and Bertie Botts famous strange flavored dragees. As a novelty, you can find “Magical Sweets” gummies in the shape of magical items, such as potions, hats and lightning bolts.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit this limited edition exhibition, where you can commemorate many of the unforgettable moments of the films, the most shocking scenes and of course remember your favorite characters, who have made us enjoy the captivating magical world for more than two decades.