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This is the number 1 cheese in the UK and one of the favorites of Spanish consumers. Its versatility is key to fit in different recipes in everyday recipes at home or restaurants: grated, grated, au gratin or in cubes makes it to be in different dishes.

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Wholesale Cathedral City Cheese Suppliers and Distributors

As distributors and food wholesalers, Primar Ibérica has this English brand that produces cheeses with 100% British milk from 300 local farms in the heart of England.

We have in our catalog this English cheese in different formats for your catering business or food store:

  • Cathedral City Blocks: The original and most purchased format. This makes this British cheese versatile and adaptable to any recipe. Finely sliced it can be on toast, sandwiches or sandwiches. In cubes it can serve as an hors d'oeuvre or on a cheese board. It is also ideal to enhance vegetable creams or baked meats.
  • Cathedral City bar: Cheddar cheese aged 9 months. Perfect for the preparation of cheese platters, creams or sandwiches. It is ideal for those bars, restaurants or cafeterias that need to make many sandwiches and other recipes where cheese is essential.
  • Grated Cathedral City: A cheese that fits perfectly in all kinds of recipes with pasta as an accompaniment or gratin as well as topping in tartlets and baked canapés for catering.
  • Cathedral City in taco or cubes format: Creamy texture and mild flavor ideal for cheese boards or for that little gourmet treat. It fits for snacks and appetizers at a dinner or lunch with friends.
  • Cathedral City sliced: It is the ideal touch for sandwiches and homemade burgers. Its expansive but non-invasive flavor will accompany the other ingredients on your palate.

If you are looking for where to buy Cathedral City in Spain, contact us. We focus on different professional lines: in the HORECA channel, offering cheeses for restaurants, hotels and caterings. We work as cheese suppliers for supermarkets and a place to buy products for food stores. Call us or send us your inquiry to know our catalog.

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