Primar Ibérica closes 2023 with the incorporation of My Instant Pasta

With the rush of everyday life, instant meals offer a delicious alternative, ready in just a few minutes. That is why Primar Ibérica has incorporated into its portfolio the Italian brand of pasta My Instant Pasta and risottos My Instant Risotto, prepared with 100% Italian ingredients.

This new brand is focused mainly on the teenage consumer who, after the rush of going to university or institute or always being on time, does not have much time to prepare the tupper and/or does not want to eat out of home every day in a restaurant or cafeteria. With this alternative, you can enjoy a dish as if it were homemade and, above all, without taking several hours to prepare. It is fast, practical, comfortable and convenient, but without sacrificing good taste, variety, quality and health.

Thanks to its revolutionary technology, pastas and risottos maintain it’s ingredients  organoleptic qualities unchanged, to guarantee a healthy dish, prepared in the best tradition of Italian cuisine. They are made with artisanal pasta and high quality rice (for risottos) and for their sauces, which are dehydrated, carefully selected cheeses, spices and fresh vegetables are used to obtain a natural, authentic, unique, creamy, balanced and delicious flavour. In this way, it’s avoided adding preservatives, flavorings, or flavor enhancers such as glutamate, thereby obtaining a quality, tasty and healthy dish.

My Instant Pasta pastas are fusilli type and their dehydrated sauces are available in these different flavors:

  • Pesto
  • Tomato and basil
  • Carbonara
  • Cacio e Pepe, traditional roman recipe

While My Instant Risotto risottos, are made with rice and dehydrated sauces, available in two flavors: mushrooms and asparagus.

My Instant Pasta is the best alternative for good Italian cuisine lovers, as good as homemade, a new way to enjoy a tasty and quick meal.

It can be eaten wherever and whenever, ready easily and in just 5 minutes, either in the microwave or with boiling water, stirring well beforehand and mixing well once hot.

Each cup contains 70g, an ideal amount for a balanced and delicious first dish.

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