Harry Potter magic

For those who are fans of the Harry Potter™ universe and dream of going to study at Hogwarts, Primar Ibérica has expanded its catalog with innovative products that provide the greatest variety of sweets and chocolates, to teleport us to the world of the favorite wizard of all time.

These sweets and chocolates were created by Jelly Belly® and inspired by the stories of Harry Potter™ and the Wizarding World™. Jelly Belly is an American confectionery brand, known worldwide for its famous bean-shaped jelly beans, with more than 140 juicy and delicious flavors from start to finish.

Among the novelties that have been incorporated into the Primar Ibérica catalogue, the beans dispenser and point counter of Hogwarts houses stands out.

Each column represents one of the 4 houses, so you must press a button and listen to the sorting hat to find out in which house you belong to: 

  • Slytherin,
  • Hufflepuff,
  • Gryffindor or
  • Ravenclaw

At the same time, you can enjoy Jelly Belly drops by manually dispensing by pulling each badge.

In addition, other novelties are butter beer flavored jellybeans. Who has not ever dreamed of trying this famous drink? And of course, with the same flavor as those served in Three Broomsticks™ in Hogsmeade. The most beloved and popular drink in the wizarding world, is now available in a chewy candy in the shape of a jar, raise your glasses, cheers to that! You can enjoy this delicious non-alcoholic beer, in these different presentations:

  • 59g bag of butterbeer chewy candies
  • 42g barrel of butterbeer chewy candies
  • 225g glass jar of butterbeer chewy candies
  • Milk chocolate bar filled with butter beer

And for the lovers of classic Jelly Belly® beans, the new acrylic box with favorite Harry Potter characters will be the perfect gift. You can delight yourself with these 5 flavors and bring a little magic to your day: marshmallow, lemon, blueberry, tutti frutti and cherry.


And of course, you can also continue enjoying the range of classic products such as:

  • The chocolate Golden Snitch, the most important ball of all in Quidditch
  • Ticket to platform 9 ¾ in milk chocolate tablet format, which will take you on the Hogwarts Express on a journey with no return
  • Harry Potter's chocolate wand, who defeated He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named
  • Milk chocolates in the shape of the Gringotts coin, magical creatures and frogs
  • Slug shaped jellybeans and the range of Bertie Botts™, with which you can test your resistance to the strangest and most extreme flavors

Jelly Belly® never ceases to amaze us, as it encourages creativity in the most authentic and original ways possible, transforming a portrait into a sweet work of art known as Bean Art. Thanks to different artists like Kristen Cumings, who needs between 9,000 and 12,000 lozenges and between 50 and 60 hours to recreate these works of art in life size, you will be able to delight in this original and delicious type of art, made entirely, of course, with Jelly Belly® candies.