Who doesn't want to eat 16% protein peanuts to get renewed energy?

Riddle snacks are new, but they have the appeal of the classics by combining chocolate with peanut butter. Think about three layers of crispy wafer with velvety peanut butter cream coated in milk chocolate. The perfect snack for traveling or eating anytime, anywhere.

These delicious bars come in several models:

  • The yellow is the milk chocolate peanut butter bar.

  • The dark brown is the bar with peanut butter and dark chocolate.

  • The lila is the biggest bar, with 3 layers of crunchy wafer, filled with peanut butter, covered in milk chocolate and topped with whole salted peanut pieces.

  • And finally the cups, a container with 2 crunchy wafer tartlets filled with toasted peanut butter and all covered in delicious milk chocolate.

4 irresistible products!

Riddle peanut butter sweet bars are light and crunchy, coated in milk chocolate and filled with fine creamy peanut butter. Rich yet light and not too sweet, this deliciously crumbly chocolate wafer cookie melts slowly in the mouth, leaving the palate with the delicious flavor of its premium ingredients and giving the body the boost and energy of a true superfood.

Riddle adds a new dimension to the chocolate and peanut butter mix experience. A light, crunchy and cosmopolitan snack. Only with the first bite of Riddle you will understand what we mean.

Riddle fits in sweets and candy stores, in vending machines, convenience stores like gas stations, supermarkets and also in gyms.

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