Breda, the iconic canned butter

BREDA was created in the 1960s by one of the most important international dairy cooperatives. It began its journey with 500g cans, and thanks to its quality and format, which was different from the others, it quickly conquered the Spanish consumers. They bought it in Andorra to bring it to Spain, becoming an indispensable icon in Spanish homes.

It was officially introduced to the Spanish market by PRIMAR IBERICA S.A. in the 80s, managing to position it as the leading butter, until in 2010 the cooperative changed its commercial strategy, replacing the BREDA brand with its own, which did not obtain the same recognition from consumers and almost disappeared from the market.

It was in 2019 when Primar Ibérica recovered the Breda brand and launched a 400g can on the market, once again offering a magnificent high quality imported butter. And once again won the affection of the consumer, who in all those years never forgot the taste of Breda and the shine of its silver can.

Proof of this is everything related to the Breda brand and the can. A true icon in the imagination of the Baby Boom generation. 

Graphic designer Javier Mariscal uses a Breda can to store his pencils and brushes in his studio. The theater company La Cubana uses cans from Breda in its play “Adiós Arturo” to show on stage a gift from Andorran institutions, together with batches of round cheese and bags of sugar, or pieces of Duralex crockery. The list is long, Breda has crossed the border between Andorra and Spain and is included in different headlines of national newspapers.

Another example of the sentimental connection with our consumers is that the Breda can is a collector's item offered and searched in different websites and apps.


Breda is part of history, since it has not only been on the table of Spanish families for decades, but has also led the category of canned butter for long periods.

Breda butter is made from Dutch cow's milk. It is available with and without salt, in 400g cans. It is 100% natural.

The milk used to produce Breda butter carries the Planet Proof seal, which proves that it is harvested sustainably.

This certificate goes beyond a legal requirement as it meets strict requirements in the field of 8 subjects and is therefore a better choice for nature, climate and animals.

Another certificate for the milk from which Breda butter comes from, is Meadow Milk. This milk comes from farms where cows are free to roam the meadows for at least 120 days a year, spring through fall, and for at least 6 hours a day.

The can has an easy-open system and has a lid to keep it in the fridge once opened and that you can taste the butter at any time, with all its splendor and its 100% organoleptic properties thanks to the metal container that is recyclable to infinity!

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