Ethnic Food

Suppliers and distributors of ethnic food in Spain

With Primar, you also have a wide range of ethnic food of foreign origin. We distribute typical Mexican, Colombian, Dominican, or Venezuelan products, food, and drinks. 

You will sell and offer ethnic food to make from Middle Eastern food like hummus to Turkish food or Halawa, falafel to Japanese and southeast Asian food to combine with curry or ramen recipes. In Latin America, you will find products from different nationalities as Mexican or Tex-Mex food and their sauces recipes for meat, fish, and seafood. 

You can buy Rio Pacific's ranch sauce in large format. This ranch dressing is one of the most widely used American condiments. It surpasses Italian dressings, for example.  

You can also buy coconut milk from Grace Foods. It is the largest supplier of Caribbean food and traditional beverages from the Central American area. It is a safe bet when we talk about ingredients for authentic Caribbean cuisine.

With Primar Ibérica you have:

  • Ingredients to make the curry: Coconut milk is becoming a staple in our diet. It's a common dish from India, with its mildly flavored Korma, to Southeast Asia with the spicy green Thai or Redang from Malaysia and Indonesia. Put any variety with its spices, meat, and vegetables on your shelves or your menu. 
  • Ranch sauce for pubs and restaurants. This American dressing is the best-selling salad dressing in the United States. It also goes well with fried or jacket potatoes and vegetable sticks. 
  • Alternatives to sugar: add a little melted coconut oil instead of using refined sugars or sweeteners. It is an ingredient that provides healthy fatty acids.

We are suppliers of top brands relevant in other regions of the world. Our range of products from South American and Asian countries is perfect for local supermarket stocks and food shops. 

All the pubs and restaurants have an importer/distributor of wholesale food throughout the Spanish territory. Contact us if you want to know about our catalog.

Contact us if you want to know prices and purchase our products.

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