Suppliers and distributors of pates in Spain

With Primar you also have an assortment of high quality pates, also know as pâtés. Most of the pâté consumed is pork pâté, but chicken pâté and tuna pâté are also very popular.

Pate, french for "paste", can be made with different types of meat, fish or vegetables depending on the variety. That is why it belongs to the group of lunchmeat or cold meat.

In our catalog we provide Argeta Pates, number 1 in sales in Europe in terms of meat pate and fish pate. They use the best cuts of tuna and chicken to make this well-known spreadable product. They are high-quality spreads without preservatives, without dyes and gluten free.

You will be able to sell and offer brands that produce this food which is original from France to which herbs or spices are also added to achieve a more distinguished flavor.

With Primar Ibérica you have:

  • Spreadable finely chopped or pureed seasoned meat for appetizers at social events. Restaurants have a product that serves as an hors d'oeuvre and can be presented spread on slices of bread, thin toast, or rusks. It is a perfect option for standing dinners or meals with different starters such as weddings, baptisms, or communions.
  • Individual terrines for afternoon snacking: Shops and supermarkets have a perfect solution for feeding children. This thin, pasteurised meat paste has a high energy and nutritional value. This type of lunchmeat is a star alternative to sugary and saturated fatty snacks.
  • Food pairing for beverage tastings or caterings: Pate is food that contrasts very well with different beverages. It blends well with the freshness of cava. It combines very well with fruity white wines due to its contrast of flavors. 

At Primar Iberica we are suppliers of leading brands in pate production. That's why we have a brand that won the 2020 “Flavour of the Year” award.

Pubs and restaurants guild has with us an importer/distributor of wholesale food throughout the Spanish territory.

Contact us if you want to know our catalog.

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